Draycott Red Multi
▼Product Information
Wienerberger Code: 24190120
Manufacture: Extruded/Wirecut
Production Plant: Sandown
Colour: Red Multi
Appearance: Rolled
Work Size (mm): 215 x 102.5 x 65
Individual Dry Brick Weight (kg): 1.9
Pack Quantity: 504
▼Technical Properties to BS EN 771-1
Size Tolerance (Mean/Range): T2/R1
Gross Dry Density (kg/m3 /Tolerance): 1260 (D1)
Compressive Strength (N/mm²): ≥40
Thermal Conductivity (W/(m⋅K)) 10, dry, unit value (EN 1745 tabulated: S1): P=90% 0.74
Durability Designation: F2
Water Absorption (%): ≤10
Initial Rate of Water Absorption (kg/(m²·min)): Min. 0.2 Max. 0.6
Active Soluble Salts: S2
Reaction to Fire: Class A1
Configuration: Perforated