Chillingham Blend
▼Product Information
Ibstock Code: A2802A
Type: Wirecut
Colour Class: Red
Facing Description: Rolled
Dry Brick Weight (kg): 2.2kg
Pack Quantity: 500
Packaging (standard): Banded (plastic) And Shrinkwrapped
Factory: Throckley
▼Technical Specification (to BS EN 771-1)
Brick Dimensions (L x W x H mm): 215x102x65
Size Tolerances Mean & Range: T2 R1
Configuration: Vertically Perforated
Voids (%): 25-30
Compressive Strength (N/mm²): 60
Active Soluble Salts: S2
Water Absorption (% weight): 10
Durability: F2~
Gross Dry Density (Sound Insulation) (Kg/m³): 1560
Equivalent Thermal Conductivity "K" value 5% Exposed: Refer to Ibstock
Initial Rate of Absorption (Suction Rate) (Kg/m²/min): Refer to Ibstock
EAN: 5036335195505